lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

what are you wering?

closing :

she is wearing electric blue dress, is holding a bracelets, small earring in his ears, a golden hand bag, plus some sunglasses, a cute belted gold.

cost is 140. Bolivares only the dress, the handbag has a cost of 300 bolivates, the sunglasses have a cost of 170 Bolivares, the bracelets have a cost of 200 Bolivares.

2.)Clothing description: 

- Sara has a skinny gray pants, a black jacket, gray top a dressy black heel boots.
the cost of the gray pants is 120. bolivares, black jacket costs 500 Bolivares, the dressy top is a cost of 150 bolivars and black heeled boots cost 300 Bolivares.

- Isabel is wearing a black short skirt, a black jacket, a black tights, black boots, a black turtleneck shirt, and a small black belted. 
 the black skirt costs 50 Bolivares, the black jacket costs 300 Bolivares, the tinghs cost 200 Bolivares, the black shirt costs 150 Bolivares, black belted costs 40 Bolivares.

- Lourdes is dressed with an electric blue short dress has a black leather jacket and some black high heels.
electric blue dress costs 250 Bolivares, the black jacket costs 300 bolivates and black shoes volivares 350 accounts.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

composition of the Halloween

Activity : Halloween.

Halloween or Halloween is a holiday celebrated mainly in the U.S. on the night of October 31. It originated in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian feast of All Saints Day.

 The day is often associated with the orange and black.

Typical activities include the famous Halloween trick or treating and costume parties, in addition to the bonfires, visiting haunted houses, jokes, reading scary stories and viewing horror films.

Today Halloween is one of the most important dates in U.S. and Canadian holiday calendar. Latin American countries, although they know the holiday of Halloween, have their own festivals and traditions that day even agree as to its meaning: union, or extreme closeness of the living world and the kingdom of the dead ...

 this day is holiday for me and diffraction of hanging out with my friends and joke among us, in Venezuela only imitate a usual, because we have several holidays such as the day of the fair of La Chinita

what do you every day? II corte

Questions :

1.) wake up :

2.) get up :

3.)wash your face :

 4.) take a shower:

5.)dry your hair :

6.) brush your theeth :

7.)eat break fast: 

8.) get dressed: 

9.)go to the bathoroom:

10.)make your bed:

11.)go to school:


13.)have lunck:

14.)get home :

15.)Do your homework:

16.)have dinner:

17.)take a bath :

18.)go to sleep :


I usually get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to college, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth after I take a shower, brush my hair, get dressed, take my breakfast, I hope to transport 5: 10 am I ready to go to my classes lugo at 12 pm I go home, take lunch and sometimes I take a shower in the afternoons, often study after the shower, hardly watch TV, sometimes took dinner with my family and at 10 o'clock at night I go to bed.

                                                                       THIRD PERSON

universitaia she is a student, usually gets up early brush your hair, take a shower and go to the bathroom, getting dressed, breakfast and waiting for his school bus route, she takes her first class at 7: 00 morning, after leaving she returns home, takes his lunch, takes a shower and go to dance classes, then take some time to spend with his friends and returns home to take a nap for a few hours before study dinner, she shares with family and just at 11: pm on the dot rest acoustic

domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

welcome to my blog hope you like..

hello my name is sikiu fernandez, I am 27 years old, I live in maracaibo, exactly in the san francisco municipality. I live with my mom and my two brothers. I study law at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin.

I enjoy reading a good book. the cinema, listening to good music, talking with my mother that is tha most that I love in my live, because I learn more about it and I always tell her that she is a book with different stories. I love when I go out with my two brothers because they have always been in all the most important moments of my life.

I do not like injustice. or the lack of humanity for the disabled. I hate people who talk to me bad things about others when they are not precent .

One of my anneliese dreams is: walk again, as I did before the accident happened to me, I would say that is the number one of my dreams list, as well as my mother and brothers could be with me at that time.


                My family

      My brother Elio, My Mom, and my older brother Fernando

My goal is to become a good lawyer. I would say that one of the best in my country,  I always say that the more goals that you put it your live like human being, you will be farther in your goals.

My message to share with my classmates and teachers is:

There is a motrice force there, larger than the mechanical strength and it is called  WILLPOWER.


1.)   1.) Where do you live?
I live in the town san francisco
2.)2.)    where are you from?
I'm from Maracaibo, Zulia state
3.)how old are you?
I have a 27 years old

4.)    What do you do ?
study in the university urbe
 5.) what school do you to  ?
studied law at university

6.) What do you like to do ?
I like reading, watching movies, joking with my friends and listening to music.

7.)Whats  your telephone  numer?
My phone numbers are 0261-7621469 and 0414-6409203

8.) Whats your blg link?
my bg link is,

9.)Whats your e- mail?
my email is and

10.) Whats your facebook name?
my name on facebook is sikiu fernandez

11.) Whats your avatars name?
I have no avatars, that means not

English is tricky in the begining but the practice makes the master

This is the task that sent ... I hope my class schedule is well
 This is the description of my schedule is free on Mondays for me are days of rest and relax, on Tuesday, I get up very early I take a shower eat breakfast I get ready to go to college I have classes of Police and of English history with Professor Doris, came to my home in the afternoon and took another shower lunch and rest a couple of hours, on Wednesday I hope I shower up early transportation, this day is something I have stress for my history classes and civil law two, the day my favorite day Thursday I have only a couple of hours of civil law classes, leave early lunch I get home I take a shower, rest a couple of hours and hours of the night talking on the phone with my boyfriend marlon , on Fridays are free in college for me, I stay in my house chores and look through my family, on Saturdays I go home to my cousins party until some hours at night, Sunday is the day of rest and pass with my brothers and my mom watching movies.

September 26 today, I woke up with minds of change for my passion and exercise my right to vote, we all have to contribute every day  to keep our country a democracy or limbic, and where the union for all

my brother's finger elio after ejrecer their right to vote

activity  questions: 

1: what your name ? 
My name is sikiu fernandez 

2: What your favorite month of the year an why ? 
My favorite month of the year is dicember because I eat hayacas and I like the chistman's  light and gifts 

3: What  your favorite day of the week why?
 My favorite day of the week is thusday because  I  go out early of my class and start my weekend . 

4: What is your favorite day of the year? 
My favorite day of the year is valentin's day .

5: What do you do do or where do you go ?
I go to the mivies witm my friends 

6:When's yor birthday? 
My briday is 23th of july 

7: How old are you ?
I born of 23th july 1983. 
I an twenty seven year old 

Thirs person

1: Whast is his name? 
his name is_______

2: What is his favorite month of the year and why?
his favorite mont of the year  is febrary because he on travel to the beach in carnaval .

3: Whas us favorite day of the  year and why  ?
his favorite day of the year is new year because all is family  go to his granmothere's house.

4: Whats is his favorite days of the week and whey? 
his favorite day of the week is friday because  start  his   
 weekend .

5: What diestre do? whe re dies he go ?
he goes out with  his friends and he go to a discoteque of a bar.

6:When is his briday  ?
his birday is _________.

 7:  Wher was he born?
he  was born on _______

8 :   How old is he? 
he  is___  years old 

Activity : holidays .


    san valentine's day

I like Valentine's Day, because both friends and relatives and the loved join, details are given, there are surprises, goes on pace to restaurants to beautiful places, the most beautiful is shared with the person you love and which is a day commemorated by the angel of love in which I am very happy for the fact of being near the person I love for the reason that day my boyfriend and I make that meeting a wonderful time and special Romans and filled with much love